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Advance Lightness 3


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LIGHTNESS 3 – Ready to Transit
The new LIGHTNESS 3 offers comprehensive comfort both in flight and handling, and there’s even more protection. A new choice of standard or light speedbag results in a wider range of uses; there’s also the option of a windshield, which significantly raises flying comfort on long-distance flights.

Lightpack 3
The Advance Lightness 3 comes with a new Lightpack 3. This new rucksack is available in two sizes (83 and 91 litres). You can choose the size of your Lightpack 3 rucksack. At a weight of 740 gms, with ergonomic shoulder straps and padded mesh back the Lightpack 3 conforms to the lowest weight/highest comfort principle.

Lightpack 3 Standard Delivery and Sizes

  • Advance Lightness 3 S is delivered with Lightpack 3 83 Litres
  • Advance Lightness 3 M is delivered with Lightpack 3 91 Litres
  • Advance Lightness 3 L is delivered with Lightpack 3 91 Litres

Optional Extras


Package Includes

  • Foam protector under the seat
  • SAS-TEC protection in the back
  • Comfort Foam
  • Standard speedbag or light speedbag
  • Soft Speed system
  • Neoprene covers on leg straps
  • 2 Edelrid Alias Alu carabiners
  • Ball-bearing Ronstan speed pulleys
  • Reserve V-connection and reserve handle
  • Lightpack 3



All-embracing comfort
Redesigned suspension and chest strap geometry distinguishes the LIGHTNESS 3 by its excellent comfort in flight – especially when accelerated – and high stability. The seat shell fits every pilot’s body perfectly and protects it where necessary. Dealing with the harness on the ground, e.g. speedbag adjustment, is entirely straightforward.

Modular System
The new options and configuration choices make this third generation of LIGHTNESS modular and flexible as never before. Considering prepared weight alone, the possible variance of the S size (2.75 kg up to 3.37 kg) suggests a large range of use – for example, a several day bivouac expedition or, perhaps, a new cross country record.

Useful Details
The LIGHTNESS 3 incorporates a number of important details, including SAS-TEC back protection, ample back pocket, drink pouch holder, optional speedbag access line, relief tube channel, cockpit power cable access and loops for fixing to the chest strap, and easy-to-move setting balls for adjusting the Standard speedbag length.

Technologies & Features
Advance Lightness 3 Technologies & Features Fly2Base Paragliding

Weight spectrum from 2.75 kg
Advance Lightness 3 Weight spectrum from 2.75 kg Fly2Base Paragliding

Technical Data
Advance Lightness 3 Technical Data Fly2Base Paragliding

Size Chart
Advance Lightness 3 Size Chart Fly2Base Paragliding

Harness Features
Advance Lightness 3 Harness Features Fly2Base Paragliding

Backpack Features Advance Lightness 3 Backpack Features Fly2Base Paragliding

Configuration possibilities & Options
Advance Lightness 3 Configuration possibilities & Options Fly2Base Paragliding

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