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Kortel Front Cockpit Safe - Flight Deck


  • $210.00 AUD

Kortel Cockpit Safe is an evolution of Cockpit II, thought to improve the safety of the pilots.

New Cockpit Safe consists of two compartments

  • An upper space where come to position instruments. A magnetic top flap on this top to protect instruments when the flight is finished.
  • The lower pocket is of a 3-4 litre volume for a possible small roadbed, or rather a small material equipment: extra gloves, wallets, block cereal, etc. 
  • Cockpit Safe allows to connect to the chest strap, and two fixed links allow adjusting the angle of Cockpit Safe for a better visibility of instruments.
  • Cockpit Safe was enlarged to fit the larger modern instruments.
  • The special section of the flight desk allows safe storage of a digital camera or a mobile phone.


  • Cordura
  • Ripstop


  • Black

User manual

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