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Kortel Karma II


  • $1,370.00 AUD

Kortel KARMA II the Lightweight Safety and Comfort.

The Kortel KARMA II has been designed for a high level of safety exceeding the basic certification criteria. The latest development methods have allowed designing a highly ergonomic harness that follows the contours of your back throughout the lumbar area al the way up to the shoulder area. The harness allows setting the sitting position upright of reclined based on pilot's needs. The new developed Krashbox is kept permanently in shape by a foam module, which guarantees an immediate effect of the airbag. The Karma II has been certified LTF and EN. Kortel's research and development team have invested a lot of time in the selection of new materials when developing this new harness. Karma II is made from Dyneema, which guarantees a lower weight without influencing the resistance. All adjustments are accessible and adjustable during the flight. The roll damping is adjustable during the flight and independent from the adjustment of the belly strap. In the back bag, there is an extra space for the drinking water system and/or radio. Kortel KARMA II has two outside pockets on the sides. Direct access from the back-bag to the shoulder to install a beverage hose.

Certification: EN and LTF


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    The Kortel Karma II is an all rounder paragliding harness with exceptional level of comfort, adjustable stability in the air, high passive safety and piloting precision are its key words.

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