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ZOOM ?????? (EN C Light 2-Liner)


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What is Zoom?
Hannes Papesh explains it:
ZOOM is a consequence of my "Free the Competence" initiative! I believe we must give designers, test pilots, and technical experts more weight in the industry again! Paragliding, like many other fields, has a history: in the beginning, the inventors (technical experts) started the companies, but once the business is up and running, the businessmen take over and try to oust the inventors from the company or make them small and unknown. But business people forget that innovative technicians are needed! It won't work without them! I had to fight my fights to finally be free and independent. The success of PHI shows that the whole marketing blabla by the sales guys is not needed! You just need very good products: that people try and buy! Now I'm able to liberate other designers and give them a chance to flourish. Welcome Alex Höllwarth: now as well unchained!

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