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Neo Rescue Backpack


  • $670.00 AUD


Neo offers a completely innovative solution for paragliding pilots that want to hike and fly with their tandem paraglider.

A pure NEO creation, the rescue container backpack that can be adapted to any mountain harness. Put it on your back over your harness, connect the emergency halyards to the separators and take off. Your passenger wears the Rescue Backpack on the way up.


  • Accepts all types of light two-seater rescue
  • Can be worn over any mountain harness
  • Emergency halyard covers integrated into the ergonomic shoulder straps
  • 2 types of connection - rescue halyards / separators - optional:
    • AustriAlpin Rockit screw-gate carabiners (2x63g)
    • Nodus T-Lock textile carabiners (2x35g)
  • In walking mode:
    • The rescue halyards are stored in the back pocket
    • An over-bag protects the bag and the rescue handle
    • Over-bag fitted with pole holders
  • In-flight mode:
    • The two-seater carrying bag is stored in the back pocket
    • An independent bag is supplied as standard to store your poles and those of the passenger; this bag connects ventral to the passenger harness

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