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SkyBean Strato NEW


  • $780.00 AUD

Physical parameters
Weight 180 g
Dimensions 138 x 58 x 24 mm
battery 5000 mAh, 20 h fly time
memory 32 Gb
Hardware spec:

Measurement Specialties - MS5803 barometer
U-Blox - NEO-M8Q GNSS receiver
Espressif - ES1ESP32 WiFi/Bluetooth module and audio coprocessor

So many new cool features and ideas, which we are no longer able to fit into our little cute SkyDrop, have challenged us to go for something new and advanced. We put the brains and skills together and voilá - here it is, high-end fly computer Strato.

For the size of an average middle-class vario equipped with high-end functions! Strato has a sunlight-readable 3” transflective colour display. It weighs just 180 grams with a solid battery life of 20 hours. Strato fits your cockpit in a vertical position, so it leaves a lot of space for radio, phone or other gadgets.

Do you remember that strange feeling when you accidentally got sucked into the cloud on your favourite XC highway during the “hammertag”? FLARM transmitter will notify glider pilots, keeping you from being smashed like a bug on the windshield, while the FANET transceiver will keep you aware of other paragliding pilots in proximity. Strato will also warn you about possible airspace violation and collision with power or lift lines.

Strato is equipped with high-quality sensors from market-leading Swiss manufacturers. High-performance GNSS receiver from u-Blox supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. Best in class barometer from MEAS Switzerland, with motion sensors, provide instant vario response.

Annoyed by that typical Tamagotchi beeping? Soft and precise vario tones from the high-quality speaker will help you effectively to climb to the cloud base. Then enjoy your favourite music played from your phone through Bluetooth, during the glide.

Connect to your favourite XC app via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or directly with a USB cable. Strato is connected via Wi-Fi to your phone or home network for automatic tracklogs upload. Maps, terrain and airspace data are always up-to-date without the need for a computer.

Energy Management
Strato has two USB-C ports, so in the air, energy can flow from the power bank through Strato to the phone with simultaneous data tethering. Quick Charge technology is able to provide huge amounts of energy for faster charging, an hour while driving to takeoff is enough.

User Interface
Strato customizability will surpass his smaller brother SkyDrop. You will be able to use profiles for XC, competition, PPG or local soaring and change almost anything to your personal preferences. Choose from a large number of widgets and place them across multiple pages.

After Flight Hangout
Use Strato as a music player or Bluetooth speaker. Integrated torch light will help you find your way back to your tent. As a bonus, Strato can also work as a power bank for your smartphone.

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