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Kortel Kolibri Backpack

Kortel Kolibri Backpack


  • $360.00 AUD

The Kolibri Rucksack has been designed for a hike & fly and bivouac flight pilots. Kolibri rucksack is made from lightweight durable material and is equipped with all the necessary functions that you will expect from you vol biv and hike & fly ricksack.

  • Glider protection bag, dimensionned for the backpack.
  • Unique compression system of the glider, which optimize the volume.
  • Framed structure for a better comfort.
  • Internal protection against the perspiration.
  • Simple zipper, allowing to open part or all the volume.
  • Many lateral pockets, accessible while walking.
  • Sticks fixing system, free hands (using GPS, mobile phone, etc ...).
  • Shoulders pockets, for water.
  • Small superior zipped pocket.
  • Excellent carrying comfort.
  • Rain cover.

Size and Weight

  • Volume : 80L
  • Weight : 800g

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