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Advance Success 5


  • $1,850.00 AUD

The Advance Success 5 appears with a completely revised look and represents the prelude to a new design series. This high-quality Sport paragliding harness with maximal safety is directed towards leisure and cross country pilots who are looking for maximum comfort combined with excellent aerodynamics. We expect the first deliveries to occur at the end of February 2021.

Once more, safety was given top priority. The SUCCESS 5 has an additional SAS-TEC element along the entire back. The Main-Protector has been completely redeveloped and provides a significantly higher energy absorption factor – for 20% reduced packing volume. Furthermore, a hook knife is delivered and stored in a shoulder strap. The additional foam protector for lumbar and thoracic vertebrae is also built into this 5th generation SUCCESS.

Naturally, well-proven features have been retained. These include an ergonomically designed backrest, with a 3D seat shell for maximum comfort and the Balance Strap System for easy entry and exit. A sporty, sleek design ensures a clean silhouette and the best possible aerodynamics.

We expect first deliveries to occur at the end of February, as usual in three sizes and two colours Coral Blue and Sahara Brown.

Technical Data

Advance Success 5 paragliding harness technical data

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