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Charly Lite Concertina Bag

Charly Lite Concertina Bag

Finsterwalder & Charly

  • $120.00 AUD

Charly Lite Concertina Bag is suitable for hike & fly or everyday flying.

Air-permeable cloth and mesh material at the sides enable minimum packing size. Integrated loops allow for proper glider and riser positioning during the packing process. Due to the completely separable zipper and a special opening at the bottom for paraglider lines, the harness can remain connected to the glider.


  • Completely separable zipper
  • Special opening at the bottom for paraglider lines
  • Loops for riser fixation on the inside
  • Air permeable cloth for minimum packing dimensions
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Length: 285 cm

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