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Naviter Oudie 5 XC

Naviter Oudie 5 XC


  • $687.00

Oudie 5 XC - More flying with Buddies
A cut down version of the full-featured Oudie 5 Pro, to create an instrument that grows with you. The Basic model takes away competition functionality and options that might overwhelm the less experienced pilot. With a simple software update available to unlock all the features as you progress, your learning curve will be as short as possible. Built on the same hardware and SeeYou software platform as the Oudie 5 Pro, the stripped-down Oudie 5 XC is aimed at the competent XC pilot and the ambitious beginner who knows where they want to get to.

Compare Oudie 4, Oudie 5 XC and Oudie 5 Pro

Naviter Oudie 5 Pro - Co-Pilot with Buddies
Oudie 5 brings more fun to you and your Buddies. With integrated Fanet+ & Flarm it allows you to share the sky with your friends and enjoy the safety of being seen by others. Inherits all features from competition pilot's first choice vario - Oudie 4.

The Complete Package
Every good pilot knows the value of having the right flight plan, the right navigation instrument and the insights gained from reviewing a flight.

Running the highly regarded SeeYou software, developed for the gliding and free flight community over nearly 20 years, the Oudie 5 is the complete package offering:

  • Pre-flight planning
  • In-flight navigation
  • Post-flight analysis
Oudie keeps you flying - for longer and further…

  • Exceptionally accurate Vario (Gyro assisted) for the quickest climb rate
  • See Buddies in real-time with Fanet+
  • Be seen by Gliders and Cessnas with FLARM
  • With preloaded worldwide maps and airspace is easy to use and works right out of the box
  • Colour screen which remains easy to read even in bright sunlight
  • Helps you find a lift with the thermal assistant
  • Features to help you win competitions
One picture tells a thousand words, instant situational awareness at a glance…

The Oudie Difference
As many experienced pilots will testify, buying a cheap flight instrument actually costs many flying hours over the long run.

The sooner you start flying with an instrument that truly assists you in making the right decisions, the better and longer your flights will become.
  • Teaching piloting excellence – Let Oudie be your expert co-pilot
  • Saves time – on and off the hill
  • Works when you need it – Long autonomy, robust and best in class reliability
  • Exceptional customer support – we move mountains to keep you flying!
All of which combines to enable better, more skilful piloting, higher performance and the greatest chance of achieving your flight plan, however ambitious a goal you set for yourself.

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