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Line Set - Set of New Lines for NOVA Paragliders


  • $470.00 AUD

NOVA has always been a service orientated brand when it comes to making sure that you have access to the NOVA Service Centres and spare parts for your paraglider. You can order a variety of new line sets for your NOVA paraglider for margin of the cost of ordering a bundle of individually made lines.

In many cases, it is more economical to buy the complete new main line set once you need more than 4-5 new lines. The individual line will cost $22-$27 plus postage where the line set of all the main lines will only cost $90-$110 dollars.

There are three cascades in your line set.

  • Mainlines - Lines in the bottom cascade, connected to your risers.
  • Midlines - Lines in the second (middle cascade) connecting main linea and top lines.
  • Toplines - Lines in the top cascade, connected to the canopy (glider).

Once you have placed your order please let us know in the notes the model and size of your glider. For example "Mentor 6 S". 

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