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NOVA Speedmax 2


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Manufacturers website: NOVA SPEEDMAX 2

The paramotor wing with Soft-Reflex (DGAC)

Speedmax 2 is a modified version of Mentor 5. Mentor 5 has been the most accessible high B glider in the Mentor range and generally in comparison with other B wings. Still maintaining the same performance as other high B wings while being a lot more accessible with higher pitch stability.

NOVA Speedmax 2 videos and reviews.

Speedmax 2 vs ION 4 PPG

Here is a product video by NOVA

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SPEEDMAX 2 - Pure Powered Performance
Impressive performance, a high level of stability, balanced handling: the NOVA NOVA SPEEDMAX 2 is aimed at pilots who are looking for an efficient paramotor wing that is fun to fly. The wing combines high speed with easy launch characteristics and forgiving flight behaviour.

Development and Progress.
The excellent performance, a high degree of passive safety and the outstanding handling of the MENTOR series was the perfect prerequisites for the design of a paramotor wing. A soft-reflex profile, a trimmer system optimised for motorised flying and a flatter arc guarantee paramotor flying pleasure of the highest level.

Stay up longer.
The MENTOR series is synonymous with outstanding cross-country performance. The SPEEDMAX 2 profits from these characteristics: surprisingly little thrust is needed to keep the wing up. If the trimmers are released, the wing impresses with a high top speed whilst maintaining excellent directional stability.

Simply flying.
Thanks to its good inflation characteristics, the SPEEDMAX 2 is easy to launch, even in nil-wind. In combination with the agile handling and the good flare attributes, this results in a wing that is very easy to manage. The combi-riser system with two attachment points proves our aspiration for comfort and simplicity.

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