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SkyBean Mini Vario


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Bean shaped mini audio vario is compact, very precise and reliable. The battery lasts for 250+ flying hours. SkyBean can be mounted on to your helmet with specially designed Velcro system (included). PC programmer (included) allows personalising the audio profile, audio volume and sink/lift alarm threshold. This variometer is great for beginners, hike&fly pilots or as a backup vario.


  • Resistive casing in bright colours
  • Handy, lightweight
  • High precision digital barometer with 10 cm resolution
  • Long battery life – 250 hours (two batteries are included)
  • Configurable audio volume
  • Configurable sink/lift alarm threshold
  • PC programmer for customized audio profile
  • Self-adhesive velcro for helmet mount is included


  • Dimensions: 28x62x15 mm (super compact) 
  • Weight: 26g (extra light - ideal for Hike&Fly) 
  • Battery type:  button cell (battery life of 250 hours)   
Included accessories:
  • Self-adhesive Velcro 3M™ Dual Lock™ for helmet mount
  • PC programmer for customized audio profile
  • Two batteries

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