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AirWave Kitesurfing Foil Kite

It’s been a long and exciting journey for Airwave. The company started out in a garage on the Isle of Wight in the ‘80s, designing hang gliders. Our path has taken many turns, always driven by our passion for flying. Now in the south of France, we’ve thrown our expertise into designing and manufacturing kites and kiting equipment. Inspired and driven by Bruce and Tom, the R&D department is based in the south of France where the sun always shines; distribution is in Austria, and the factory is in Sri Lanka.

As riders, pilots, and dreamers we have found each other on the water, on top of the mountain, or in the sky. We have all followed similar paths. We met because our passions have brought us together. We live to feel the sensations of floating, soaring, drifting, carving, or flying and we all look out for one another. We are a family of passionate people and that connection is everlasting. Our mission at AIRWAVE is to share these sensations with friends, family, everyone.