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Independence Paragliders, Harnesses and Accessories

Equipment made by pilots for pilots since 1990
independence is a team of pilots, who once belonged to the pioneers in paragliding. The company is based at Eisenberg in Germany - not far from the mountain Tegelberg where German paragliding started in the 80s. These bavarian mountains as well as nearby Tannheimer Tal are the territories of our test pilots, where they test new gliders, parachutes and other useful equipment extensively.

For 30 years independence has been developing new products every year. We know what you expect from your equipment and invest all our experience in order to develop our products further, to enhance security and increase your enjoyment of paragliding.

In the beginning, we designed glider models and rescue parachutes, which by that time were ground-breaking. Throughout the following years, we were able to develop innovative rescue parachutes, which, regarding security, have always been a step ahead. Countless pilots trust in our rescue equipment, thus we can proudly say, that we are the leading manufacturer of rescue parachutes.

Development of gliders and harnesses, too, takes a huge place in our company's profile. We constantly bring forward the optimisation of our products as well as the development of new, useful accessories.

Nowadays we can offer an equipment package to every paragliding pilot that suits your individual needs perfectly.