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High Adventure

High Adventure Creative Pilots

Paragliding has been our concern for many years. Urs Haari, himself a passionate paraglider and competition pilot, founded the company High Adventure AG in 1994.

Our company headquarters are in Dallenwil, in Engelbergertal, in the canton of Nidwalden. This is no coincidence because the Engelbergertal is considered a paradise for paragliding.

Our success is based on experience and a professional approach to safety. For us, tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive. Our customers' enthusiasm for paragliding is our motivation.

As a modern trading and service company, we sell, develop and maintain paragliders, harnesses, rescue systems, flight instruments and accessories. High Adventure AG offers safety training, thermal courses, tandem flights, event organization and paragliding holidays in distant countries. Our long-term partner is NOVA International - paraglider manufacturer from Terfens in Austria.

We support an extremely successful paragliding XC team. Due to the convincing performance, we would like to expand this support in the next few years. In the "Cross Country Cup" flight competition, the pilots of our competition team, in the "Fun & Safety" class, repeatedly occupy the top ranks.