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JDC Electronic SA Swiss-made anemometers and portable weather stations

Since its inception, JDC Electronic SA has mainly focused on the development and production of sports products. JDC Electronic SA began its business by developing and manufacturing measuring instruments for extreme sports. Today, this SME located in Yverdon-Les-Bains is one of the leaders in this market with complete product ranges and works to carry out outsourced projects.

Swiss company JDC Electronic SA has extensive experience developing high-quality electronics with a particular focus on outdoor and extreme sports. Included within this category is, of course, paragliding. JDC Electronic SA offers a number of great paragliding-related products, and the JDC Skywatch range is just one of them.

Get more out of your paragliding experience

A JDC Skywatch is a great way to maximise your enjoyment in the air and safety while paragliding. Offering a wide variety of great features, these products are the ideal companion when you’re soaring through the sky. They can help you measure the winds strength, temperature, air pressure, and a whole lot more — making it easier to determine safe flybale conditions. Among the JDC Skywatch products that Fly2Base offers are:

  • JDC Xplorer 1 and 2
  • JDC Xplorer 3 and 4
  • JDC Skywatch Meteos
  • JDC Skywatch BL400 
  • JDC Skywatch BL500
  • JDC carrying pouch

Reasons to choose a JDC skywatch

When you opt to purchase a JDC Skywatch product, you can be confident that you’re investing in the highest quality product. JDC is a world leader in hand-held anemometers, with over 20 years of experience helping paragliders get the most out of their sport. JDC products focus on simplicity and efficiency, two things that certainly come in handy when you’re deciding on the flyable conditions before taking to the sky.

Browse our range of JDC Skywatch products and more

At Fly2Base Paragliding Shop, we are the experts in all things paragliding. If you want more information about our extensive range of JDC Skywatch products, as well as our paragliding accessories and much more, please feel free to get in touch online or on +61 411 329 750. Alternatively, if you already know that a JDC Skywatch is for you, take a look through our online range. Every product we have listed is in stock, meaning that we can offer same-day shipping on all purchases. So place an order today and your JDC skywatch will be at your doorstep before you know it.

As passionate paraglider pilots ourselves, Fly2Base Paragliding Shop understands how important it is to your experience to have the right equipment and accessories. As Australia’s industry-leading supplier of all things paragliding, we can supply you with all the parts and pieces you need to create the ultimate flight experience. From a JDC Instruments Skywatch to a JDC Xplorer, you will find everything you need in our online store.  

Anemometers and safety instruments to measure wind strength and speed 

Whether you’re a paraglider pilot or a hang glider pilot, safety is paramount. Before launching, measuring and checking the wind strength will ensure safe travels and proper landing. That’s where our range of JDC instruments, like the JDC Skywatch Windoo 3 comes into play. 

We offer a wide range of anemometers and other wind strength instruments — top brands at affordable prices, so you’re bound to find the right paragliding safety equipment for your next trip. Our high-tech tools and environmental meters collect accurate readings so you can decide when to begin your launch. You’ll have access to instant wind speed measurements, a built-in thermometer, wind chill factor readings and handy displays that determine when maximum speed is reached. 

If you’re looking for a complete, high-tech weather station that’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology, why not consider the Skywatch® BL400?  You can accurately measure wind speed, wind chill,  temperature, heat index, humidity and pressure at a glance. Useful for all outdoor activities and weather-related sports, including kite surfing, sailing, snow skiing and landboarding, the instantaneous measurements and GPS tracking will ensure safe launches and landing. 

Different kinds of paragliding variometers

There are two main types of varios — the alti-vario and the alti-vario GPS combo. The right choice for you depends on the kind of information that you’d like to know about your flights. One step above regular varios, alti-varios show your climb and descent rates as well as displaying altitude pressure calculations. Paragliding GPS varios, on the other hand, provide everything that a regular vario does as well as determine where you are at all times during your flight. Certain GPS vario devices can even calculate wind direction to help you locate the best places to lift and places to avoid. 

Find the JDC model that is just right for you

As a Swiss electronics company, JDC is known for their high precision and quality manufactured instruments for wind sports and weather stations. The JDC Xplorer is a classic example of the ultimate handheld anemometer that can help you to ensure that you are flying in only the safest way. The JDC Xplorer has long served the paragliding community around the world with a multitude of features from wind measurement to altitude to an easy-to-use compass. As the leading Skywatch range, you couldn’t make a better choice than selecting your new paragliding accessory from the Xplorer range. 

Our range of paragliding variometers

From straightforward varios to advanced flight planning instruments, our range of paragliding flight instruments has something for every pilot. For example, we have sensitive lag-free varios with built-in accelerometers, compasses, GPS systems, Bluetooth and more.

And for those looking for something more simple, we also stock skydrop varios — the lightest variometer in the world. Suitable for paragliding and hang-gliding, these varios can be easily mounted to the riser or cockpit for maximum comfort during your flight. Whatever you’re after, you can be sure to find it in our range online. 

Find the best varios for paragliding today

Each of our varios comes with a complete manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured that your new piece of equipment is backed in quality and durability. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your safety. Trust the quality of an industry-leading brand purchased from an industry-leading retailer. From your first launch to a safe landing, the JDC Xplorer Skywatch range — and their other premium-quality electronics — have you completely covered. 

Browse our extensive range of paragliding variometers and other paragliding accessories online today. You’ve got the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s leading paragliding products at competitive prices. Whether you’re after a paragliding GPS vario or an alti-vario, our team at Fly2Base will gladly help you find the perfect one for you in our range.