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BGD Anda (EN A Light)


  • $5,100.00 AUD



Three liner design | cells: 37 | aspect ratio: 4.80 | weight: 3.14 kg - size M

“Breathe, breathe in the air … long you’ll live and high you’ll fly” Pink Floyd



‘Anda’ means ‘breathe’ or ‘spirit’ in Icelandic. It’s our lightweight, life-loving little soul, a companion spirit of hike-and-flyers, travellers and escapees of the nine-to-five. The Anda is light and compact enough to be carried in hand luggage, safe and comfortable so you can confidently unpack in new places and go exploring. It’s for grabbing life by the horns, taking the leap and finding adventure where you can.

The two smallest sizes come in under 3kg and the five sizes accommodate all-up weights from 50kg to 130kg.

The ANDA has extended weight ranges. This means it can be flown at a higher wing loading than “standard”, useful if you want to carry extra equipment to camp in the mountains etc. It is EN/LTF A in the standard and extended weight ranges with the inherent safety this implies, but it will have slightly different flight characteristics:

In the standard weight range, you will have a good sink rate and thermalling ability, turns will be easy and predictable with the ability to float and turn flat in weak conditions.

In the extended weight range, the wing loading is higher so the glider will be faster and more dynamic. Handling will be more reactive and it will be hard to stay up in weak conditions. This is typically used for mountain descents or soaring in higher winds.



  • Paraglider
  • Compression bag
  • Giveaway
  • Manual card
  • Stickers
  • Speed bar
  • Repair material
  • Riser bag


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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