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Charly Inner Container for Front Container

Finsterwalder & Charly

  • $54.00 AUD

Charly Inner Container for a front container for the rescue system
The highly recommended deployment of the rescue systems at the G-Force-Trainer show again and again that it is hard for pilots pulling the rescue system out of the harness when being in an emergency situation. The reason is that the rescue systems are mostly available in universal inner containers which are both compatible for harnesses with built-in containers, and for front containers. However, this compromise is not ideal. Tom Grabner, has developed two different inner containers optimised on the G-Force-Trainer, one for under the seat of the harnesses and one for front-mounted containers.

The Charly INNER CONTAINER for a front container has the conventional round shape. It also has a separate area for the suspension lines and is equipped with coated closing rubbers for improved durability.

The inner containers are both suitable for the DIAMONDcross rescue systems and the conventional Charly rescue systems. From our perspective, it is no problem to use this inner container for other rescue systems. The re-packing of the rescue systems into our containers is possible on request and costs 25,00€. Please contact us in this regard by e-mail or phone.

Charly's INNER CONTAINER for the front container (Grabner Design) is available in different sizes

  • S suitable for DIAMONDcross ST light 100, DIAMONDcross basic light 100, Charly Expert 100
  • M suitable for DIAMONDcross ST light 125 DIAMONDcross basic light 125, DIAMONDcross delta light 160, Charly SECOND CHANCE 86, Charly SECOND CHANCE 94, Charly Expert 120, Charly Revolution GS 1
  • L suitable for DIAMONDcross ST light 160, DIAMONDcross basic light 160, DIAMONDcross delta light 160, Charly SECOND CHANCE 118, Charly Revolution GS 2, Charly CHARLY HG, Charly Revolution II HG, Charly CLUE HG SAS



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