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Charly Riser Cover for Tandem and Paramotor (Pair)

Charly Riser Cover for Tandem and Paramotor (Pair)

Finsterwalder & Charly

  • $49.00 AUD

We recommend that you order the Charly RISER COVER together with your paramotor or tandem rescue system since its bridles are partly outside the harness.


  • 103 x 3.3 cm - Paramotor verison
  • 92 x 3.3 cm - Tandem version

Using Velcro straps, the Charly RISER COVER can be guided from the attachment point of the rescue to the protected area inside the harness. The risers are neatly stowed away and protected against UV radiation and mechanical stress.

The tandem version is particularly suitable for the DIAMONDcross 160 ST tandem and for light tandem V-lines.

Since the Charly RISER COVER is not load-bearing or certified component, it can be individually shortened and thus adapted to different harnesses and tandem spreaders. The cutting edge, as well as the zipper ends, can then be hemmed or taped with self-adhesive sailcloth. It is only necessary to ensure that the straps can open the zipper unhindered in the case of a rescue deployment.

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