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Kortel Front Cockpit Safe - Flight Deck


  • $190.00 AUD

Kortel Cockpit Safe is an evolution of Cockpit II, thought to improve the safety of the pilots.

The Kortel Front Cockpit Safe is designed to improve pilot safety. Every year, lethal accidents occur because a pilot forgets to buckle his leg straps. After analysis of these accidents, we often discover this oversight is due to the presence of an instrument cockpit masking these straps and letting the pilot think they are attached. There are now different "anti-forgetting" systems integrated into the harnesses, but not taking into account the presence of a frontal instrument container. The Cockpit Safe is the first instrument holder to incorporate this technology, which was previously reserved for harnesses because its unique hanging system allows one of the leg straps to be connected to the 2 main links. From the moment the Cockpit Safe is attached, the pilot can no longer fall out of the harness.

You can find more details about the added safety of the Kortel Front Cockpit Safe Paragliding Flight Deck on Kortel's website.

New Cockpit Safe consists of two compartments

  • A magnetic top flap on this top to protect instruments when the flight is finished.
  • The lower pocket is of a 3-4 litre volume suitable for small items, or extra gloves, wallets, block cereal, etc. 
  • Cockpit Safe allows to connect to the chest strap, and two fixed links allow adjusting the angle of Cockpit Safe for better visibility of instruments.
  • Cockpit Safe was enlarged to fit the larger modern instruments.
  • The special section of the flight deck allows safe storage of a digital camera or a mobile phone.


  • Cordura
  • Ripstop


  • Black

User manual

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