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Neo Easy Pack Concertina Bag

Neo Easy Pack Concertina Bag


  • $109.00 AUD

Manufacturer's website: Neo Easy Pack

Neo Easy Pack Concertina Bag has been designed with top and bottom open, with mesh and open zipper and with integrated external compression straps.


  • S 240 x 47 cm
  • M 290 x 47 cm
  • Slim 270 x 35 cm

Neo Easy Pack - Fly2Base Paragliding


  • S 340 grams
  • M 415 grams
  • Slim 345 grams

Main materials: Ripstop Polyamide 40gr, PE Mesh, Zip et buckles YKK

Product Description

Various folding bags are now available on the market. Our goal is to propose one without useless straps, zips, printing or buckles, and without marketing gimmicks. The NEO Easy Pack is made in France yet reasonably priced and is the lightest available.

The NEO Easy Pack opens from top to bottom, meaning that your glider can stay connected to your wing it is easy to deflate the glider while folding.

Straps secure the leading edge and plastic battens. A separable zipper closes it easily. Risers are attached to velcro straps at the bottom.

When the glider is packed, a mesh fabric pushes the air out when you compress it.

An external webbing strap keeps the all package compressed, ready to enter your pack.

2.9 m NEO Easy Pack fits beginner and intermediate wings or big sizes.

2.4 m NEO Easy Pack fits higher aspect ratio wings, comp or high-performance gliders, acro wings, speed flying gliders, mountain and light paragliders. Made also for small sizes.

Check the chord of your wing to order the right size.

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