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Drift Carancho (EN A+)


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Drift Carancho paraglider with high-performance and high passive safety 


Drift Carancho is the perfect partner for a safe progression

Drift Carancho ParagliderWhen we discussed what should be Drift's very first paraglider should be, we knew we wanted to create an elegant, safe and universal wing that would be suitable for the widest possible range of pilots. Our goal was to design a fun and enjoyable glider reliable enough to provide you with comfort even in turbulent air, as well as a glider that would be more than adequate for entry-level pilots. And that’s how Carancho came to life.

Who is this glider for
Thanks to its exceptional safety qualities and mistake-forgiving nature, Carancho is the perfect wing for ambitious beginners. With this glider, you can quickly develop your flying skills and confidence in the air using this glider. Nevertheless, novice pilots are not the only target group.

Carancho is also an ideal companion for those who fly recreationally and seek a high level of passive safety and for experienced pilots, who prefer comfort in flying. Managing the glider in the air as well as on the ground is truly effortless, yet amusing, and every flight is an exciting experience.


Drift Carancho Reviews

VIDEO Drift Carancho (EN A+) first impression by Aaron Lugg

Another "Super A" glider to hit the market. Flew about 10 hours on this wing and had a few nice xc flights. These new Super EN A wings are amazing for what they offer. I think many people overlook them because of the "A" rating when in fact they have the performance of many Mid B wings. I was unable to do any direct comparison with other gliders however flying at Mt Tamborine is usually a good place to spend a few hours scratching around to see how a glider performs. I had several flights flying in very challenging conditions. On one flight most pilots bombed-out including several EN C gliders.  I was really impressed with the glider's ability to scratch in the light lift for an EN A wing. I flew the wing in the middle of the weight range and found the handling to be similar to Low B wings like the Ion 4. Being heavier would make it more agile. There is no pitching around and is super stable which is to be expected from an A glider. I found the build quality to be excellent and better than other well-known brands. Speed bar is easy to hold and gives about 10 km over trim on the full bar with a good glide. This glider would be great for someone wanting EN B performance with the safety of an A-wing. The wing ticks all my boxes for a "Super A" wing. Aaron Lugg 


Drift Carancho is an EN-A certified paraglider with a flat aspect ratio of 5.3 similar to mid EN-B wings, 48 cells and miniribs in trailing edge.

Main features and qualities
Carancho features an innovative 3-liner layout with a minimum number of lines, which results in a significant reduction in aerodynamic drag. The shape of the leading edge and inlet openings is optimised to, for example, improve stall and collapse resistance and enhance pitch movement — we call this Beak Technology.

The glider is equipped with mini-ribs in the trailing edge, making it more aerodynamically favourable, and consequently helps you control the paraglider much more smoothly and comfortably.

The wing will never stop being in sync with you. Its agility, responsiveness and immediate feedback, along with direct reactions from the brakes give you space to relax and enjoy long, harmonious flights while still being able to feel all of the glider's movements.

Carancho is an amazing all-around glider. Its semi-light construction is perfect for Hike & Fly. The wing excels in high performance and great glide encourages XC flying. Furthermore, its smooth handling inspires to execute dynamic manoeuvres when it comes to slope soaring.

Carancho is certified as an EN-A wing, because of its calm character. But with its parameters, optimised line plan, minimised air drag and outstanding performance, the glider has a real EN-B soul.

Drift Carancho offers EN-A passive safety and mid EN-B performance and handling.



Drift Carancho Paraglider Beak Technology

Beak Technology
The leading edge of all Drift's wings is optimally reinforced and the inlet openings are strategically placed to create a better internal pressure and airflow inside the glider. This means the glider is much more resistant to collapses. The leading edge is designed in a shape that resembles a bird’s beak, hence the name Beak Technology.

Drift Carancho Paraglider Technologies Minimization of Aerodynamic Drag

Minimisation of Aerodynamic Drag
The paraglider is based on the concept of a 3-liner system with a remarkably reduced number of lines. Drift added special mini line attachment points to the canopy as well as thin risers. These features result in minimal aerodynamic drag and contribute to the incredibly low weight and exceptional performance of the glider.

Drift Carancho Paraglider Technologies Extra Smooth Surface

Extra Smooth Surface
The extreme smoothness of the glider's surface was achieved by a combination of two different types of spatial seams. Drift paid close attention to the positive and negative 3D shaping of the seams, which further helps to create a clean round shape of the leading edge without wrinkles. This greatly benefits glide and overall airflow.

Drift Carancho Paraglider Technologies Flat Trailing Edge

Flat Trailing Edge
The trailing edge is an essential part of the glider. Drift invests a lot of effort into perfecting it. The main goal is to eliminate any unwanted billowing. This is achieved by using mini-ribs on the back of the trailing edge. The flat trailing edge feature provides the pilot with maximum comfort and stability in the air.

Drift Carancho Paraglider Technologies Feather Light

Feather Light
The Carancho glider is light almost like a bird's feather. Its incredibly low weight was accomplished by perforating the ribs and diagonals wherever possible and by minimal consumption of lines. The material used is extremely durable and ensures the longevity of the glider and it is still far from being heavy. A lightweight paraglider means efficiency and agility.

Drift Carancho Paraglider Technologies Easy to pack

Easy to Pack
Efficiency and simplicity are key, even when it comes to packing the glider. Every pilot loves to save time when packing the wing and the Drift team knows it well – therefore the shortest possible length of reinforcement was used without compromising the performance of the wing. Easy to pack feature provides comfort in packing and storing the Carancho paraglider.

Technical Data

Drift Carancho Paraglider Technical Data



Drift Carancho is the perfect partner for a safe progression.

Included with glider

  • Compress bag
  • Backpack
  • T-shirt


Certification Protocols


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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