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Kortel Karver II Tandem Module (Tandem Pilot)


  • $335.00

Kortel Karver II Tandem Paragliding Pilot Harness


The KORTEL Karver II becomes the ideal tandem pilot harness: light, comfortable, and practical. Its shoulderless design allows for greater ease of movement on the ground than any other harness.


The shoulderless design also helps relieve the pilot’s back if the passenger raises his legs and lands on his back, transferring the load on the pilot’s hips rather than his shoulders.



  • With CE-certified Back Protector 1.35 kg
  • Without certified Back Protector 750 grams
  • Koertel Karver II 840 gramm in size M
  • Kortel Karver II + Tandem Module + CE-certified Back Protector 2,19 kg


Removable Back Protector
Kortel Karver II Tandem Module is delivered with removable 10 cm thick foam protection that is CE Certified. Weight TBA


This product is a module to be used with the Kortel Karver harness. Kortel Karver harness is not included in this price. 

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