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NOVA Bantam 1 (Hike & Fly Mini Wing)


  • $4,300.00 AUD

NOVA BANTAM – made for para-mountaineers!

Small, compact, and dynamic - the BANTAM is the perfect mini-wing for all mountaineers who prefer a flight with plenty of speed to descend on foot. Easy to launch, has astounding glide performance and is much safer to land than a single-surface wing. Its excellent glide was demonstrated at the Dolomitenmann 2019 when Chrigel Maurer and his team won the overall rankings. At only 1.65 kg (size 12), this makes the BANTAM the lightest certified non-single-surface wing on the market (as of October 2019).

More about the BANTAM

With a line length of only four metres (size 12) - the best value in this glider class - the BANTAM can be laid out well even on the smallest launch site. The profile and the brake geometry generate a lot of lift when some brake is applied so that the glider takes off even at a relatively low speed.

The BANTAM glides very well and even at trim speed flies fast. Additionally, long brake travel facilitates a very high top speed. Nevertheless, the stability in turbulent air remains remarkably high. The handling is dynamic and responsive: with the BANTAM it is possible to fly barrel rolls.

In comparison to single-surface gliders, its flare characteristics are a particular advantage of the BANTAM. This offers a safety reserve even during adverse landing conditions.


Technical Data

 Size 10 12 14
EN / LTF - D D
Area - projected (m2) 10.2 12.0 14.0
Area – flat (m2) 12.0 14.0 16.4
Line length (m) 3.55 3.95 4.49
Certified take-off weight (kg) - 65 - 90 55 - 100
Weight (kg) 1.5 1.65 1.8


  • Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping: for fewer creases on the leading edge
  • Upper surface vector tape: this tape spans along the upper surface close to mini-ribs. It results in better profile shape and improved handling.
  • Mini-Ribs: improve profile shape and increase performance
  • Weight-optimised cloth: the BANTAM is made from ultra-light cloth with a small packing volume and high UV resistance.
  • It comes with an Ultralight Compression Bag (22 L, 34 g) as well as Holding Pins, to prevent the wing from sliding on steep, smooth surfaces.

Target group - who is the BANTAM aimed at?
  • Para-mountaineers: the BANTAM is aimed at experienced pilots who want to be on the move with as little weight as possible during limb/hike & fly, mountain running, vol biv or expeditions.
  • Competitors: Dolomitenmann, Rise & Fall, etc. This target group was not in the foreground during the development (that was climb & fly), but the BANTAM has suitable characteristics for competitions (see Chrigel Maurer’s comment below).

The BANTAM is a mini-wing and should only be flown by experienced and skilled pilots! Flown with a high wing loading, its very direct handling and dynamic flight characteristics permit manoeuvres like a barrel roll. Also, in extreme situations, the BANTAM requires precise control inputs and active intervention by the pilot.

  • The BANTAM is currently the lightest certified wing with an upper and lower surface
  • Nearly as light as a single-surface glider, but with better performance and much faster - especially in moving air
  • Simple landing characteristics: the BANTAM is super easy to flare!
  • Long brake travel for a high top-speed - excellent in strong winds (in high alpine conditions) or in competitions
  • Very stable when fully accelerated with a low roll moment in comparison to similar wings
  • Suitable for extremely small take-off areas (the lines are only 3.95 m in size 12)
  • Very high agility and precision
  • Full NOVA guarantee

Chrigel Maurer and the BANTAM
Chrigel Maurer, Aaron Durogati and all other athletes, who flew the BANTAM during the Dolomitenmann chose the wing after intensive testing.
As Chrigel says: “For me, the BANTAM is setting a benchmark for this type of wing because it glides better and clearly has better top speed. The handling is simpler and I feel comfortable and this means I can use all the available performance.”

Differences between NOVA BANTAM and NOVA DOUBLESKIN
The similarities between the BANTAM and DOUBLESKIN are the number of cells, cloth, and profile (at the ribs). There are considerable differences in ballooning, tension distribution, brake geometry and relative line length (= ratio line length to span). These give the wing completely different characteristics and thus different uses and target groups. The BANTAM is very dynamic and requires a great deal of pilot skill and experience. The DOUBLESKIN (EN-A) is a straightforward hike & fly wing: superlight, small packing volume, simple to launch and land and with few demands on the pilot. Because of the light materials used, we do not recommend using them for instruction. The DOUBLESKIN is a universally usable lightweight EN A wing suitable for hike & fly, instruction, travelling, soaring and little cross-country flights.

  • 33 Cells
  • Aspect Ratio flat 4.4
  • The aspect Ratio projected 3.3
  • Three-Liner

Colour: Peacock, Custom colours (surcharge applies)

Scope of Delivery

  • Ultralight Compression Bag
  • Holding-Pins
  • Simple Flag
  • Repair kit
  • Manual


NOVA Protect - 1 Year Accidental Damage Warranty
NOVA Protect is a fully comprehensive protection package for your paraglider. One year after the purchase of a new glider and after registering your wing (within 14 days of buying) with my NOVA, your wing is covered once for accidental damage. We will repair tears, and replace lines or panels (EUR 50.- + shipping and VAT deductible).

4 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
This Full 4 years Warranty covers material as well as workmanship. If your NOVA Trim Tuning and a NOVA Full Service were completed by an authorised NOVA partner, 4 Years On Materials comes into effect and this extends the guarantee to four years*. If we are unable to repair the problem, we will deduct the current value when purchasing a new NOVA paraglider.

More details on the manufacturer's website: NOVA


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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