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ZOOM X2C (EN C 2-Liner)


  • $6,900.00 AUD

Two-liner | cells: 65 | aspect ratio: 6.1 | weight: from 4.2 kg – Size XS (EN C/LTF D)

The ZOOM X2C is aimed at experienced sport class XC pilots who can utilise the potential of this wing and have already completed some SIV training.



ZOOM X2C EN C 2-Liner X2C Paraglider by Alex Höllwarth


  • Top sail material: Myungjin MJ32MF (32gr)
  • Bottom sail material: Myungjin MJ32MF (32gr)
  • Material inside Porcher Skytex 40 hard (40gr)
  • Top lines: Liros DC60, Edelrid 8001-040/050
  • Center lines: Liros DC60, Edelrid 8001-050/190
  • Trunk lines: Liros PPSLS 260/125, Edelrid 8001-090/190
  • Brake lines: Liros DFLP200/32, Edelrid 8001-040/050/070
  • Carrying strap: Liros Kevlar 13mm


  • Shark Nose - optimized airflow at the leading edge
  • Rigidfoil - wrinkle-free wing at the leading edge
  • Triple 3D Shaping - Reduced ballooning and wrinkle-free wing at the leading edge
  • LE (Leading edge) Miniribs - made of internal stitch technique – enhance the wrinkle-free finish of the leading edge. Results in top glide performance especially during accelerated flying.
  • TE (Trailing edge) Miniribs - made of – made of internal stitch technique – enhances static stability on the trailing edge of the wing.
  • Airflow simulation software by Hannes Papesh – performance increase due to optimised cell design and wing canopy finish

With the EN C 2-Liner X2C Alex Höllwarth launched the first ZooM product and was able to lift the performance to the next level in its class. The exceptional good handling together with its cracking performance sets a new marker in the EN C – XC sport-class. Apart from technical features like Shark Nose, 3 times 3D shaping, and LE/TE mini-ribs (made with internal stitch technique) the X2C benefits from the airflow simulation software of Hannes Papas and could therefore pushed to the edge of performance in his class.

Despite the high aspect ratio of the X2C the wing launches easily and feels well-controllable. Once In the air, the X2C shows easy manoeuvrability and excellent climb performance. During the climbs in thermals, the Sportclass XC wing has easy, but progressively increasing brake pressure throughout its brake range. In addition, the pilot gets always true feedback from the wing through the brakes. This makes the X2C a precise, easy-to-turn and responsive glider even in rough thermal conditions with strong winds. Once accelerating, the X2C shows his high glide performance, which makes him a real competitor even to wings in high performance or open CCC class. The high wing stability and the responsive B-Steering allow the pilot to fly the ZooM X2C at top speeds, even in rough conditions.

During development, in addition to the idea of performance, a lot of attention was paid to safety-related flight characteristics. The X2C impresses with a manageable extreme flight and therefore deliberately does not push the EN-C 2-line sport class to its limits.


  • Concertina Bag
  • Packing Tube
  • Repair cloth
  • Keychain
  • Mini windsock
  • Tape

More details on the manufacturer's website: ZOOM

You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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