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Book LEGACY by Mike Kung

Mike Kung

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Mike Küng is one of the most extreme paragliding professionals in the world. Its spectacular and unusual actions are well known in the paragliding scene. Only a few know how much effort, risk and preparation behind it. How the extreme athlete Mike Küng feels, and how he deals with stress, fear and pressure to perform, he has never revealed to anyone as precisely as in this biography.


It's about the real background, about the stories behind the story, about fears, coincidences and challenges.


The reader not only gets a deep insight into how difficult it is to plan and carry out spectacular actions but also many suggestions, tips and solutions to deal with his own tasks more confidently.


It doesn't matter whether Mike jumps off a balloon with a paraglider from 10,100 meters, takes off from a zeppelin to land in a Ferrari, jumps off bridges and hall constructions, risks his life testing or conquers unforgettable "magic places" with a paraglider - nothing is like that simple as it seems. 


Mike proves to us:

Mike Kung"Limits? There are no limits!
Just the irrepressible will to realize yourself!"

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