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Paragliding Rucksacks & Backpacks

Paragliding rucksacks and backpacks for your everyday use, for hike and fly, vol biv and your paragliding trips and holidays.

If you’re planning to kick off your adventure-packed weekend activities with modern, light and durable gear, our paragliding backpack and rucksack collection is perfect for your next trip. Providing you with maximum comfort, protection, and support, we have a wide range of backpacks suitable for paragliding, hiking, flying, and vol biv (fly and camp). 

Choosing the right paragliding backpack and rucksack for your next adventure

When selecting a backpack, it’s important to consider the following components to ensure the style and fit is suitable for your weekend adventures. 

  • Material — From lightweight ripstop cloth to NEO Dyneema fabric (which is highly resistant to abrasion), selecting suitable materials for your backpack is essential in ensuring it can protect you from the elements — whether you’re hiking, climbing or exploring. 
  • Purpose — Are you looking for a backpack for hiking or a large rucksack that can hold your paragliding kit with all extra accessories? Selecting the right size and choosing a rucksack for the correct purpose will ensure that all your paragliding kit fits well inside your paragliding backpack, all while it sits comfortably.
  • Quality — You want to select a sturdy and durable backpack that can last you for years to come. Whether you're into hiking with your paragliding gear or enjoying the flight at your home site, it’s important to select the right paragliding backpack that can fit your flying gear while withstanding wear and tear.  
  • Weather and sweat protection — Most backpacks are waterproof or provide rain cover. But does your backpack also include internal protection from perspiration? The backpacks at Fly2Base feature moisture-wicking technology to absorb sweat. It may not be weather-related, but keeping your backpack dry at all times is vital in its long term durability. 
  • Accessories — Does it include hip straps, bungee lines, water tube valves and extra pockets for easy access to your supplies? Checking for additional accessories and added functions will ensure your backpack provides you with all the compartments you need to store your essentials for your next weekend adventure. 
  • Comfort — The last thing any paraglider or hiker needs is uncomfortable equipment that leaves them tugging at their backpack or adjusting their rucksack every couple of minutes. With extra added back support and the correct placement, you can select the perfect backpack for your preferred comfort level. 
  • Price — You don’t need to pick the most expensive paraglider backpack to get the best. Our collection of rucksacks from world-leading paragliding brands are affordable and well received by our customers — all of whom live active and adventurous lives.  

You don’t just have to purchase a paraglider backpack if you’re not a paraglider! So, whenever you’re up for a long hike, you can use our backpacks to pack your supplies. You’ll be able to pack your food, water, a first aid kit, clothing, shoes, cooking equipment, overnight tents (if you’re planning on camping out over the weekend), emergency supplies and much more. Plus, thanks to their handy compartments that keep your gear safe and protected, our high-quality backpacks are suitable for overseas backpacking trips. 

Find your backpack today with Fly2Base Paragliding Shop

For all of your hiking, paragliding backpack and rucksack needs, you can shop online today at Fly2Base Paragliding Shop. Whether you’re a beginner or an avid paraglider pilot who’s ready to fly high, our team would be more than happy to offer you support and advice in picking the perfect backpack for you.