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BGD Gipsy Fast Packing Bag (Stuff Bag)


  • $230.00 AUD

BGD Gipsy Fast Packing Bag allows you to quickly gather your paragliding kit into a comfortable bag for a quick turnaround to maximise the flying day, which is what we all want to do! With a drawcord and FixLock system, compression straps, a separate riser bag, side pockets and an aerated ergonomic back carry system it will protect your kit while looking after your back!

The GYPSY is available in three sizes:

  • S 1.24 kg in colour Lemon for small/light wings
  • M 1.40 kg in colour Berry for medium kits
  • L 1.56 kg in colour Cherry for tandem kits

Glider and Sizes

  • S - Lightweight Paraglider, Mini wing, Small solo glider
  • M - Regular solo glider
  • L - Tandem glider with 2 harnesses

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