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MipFly MipBipS+ Solar Vario with Bluetooth


  • $159.00 AUD

Unlocking new heights in paragliding technology, the upgraded MipBipS+ builds upon its predecessor's success.


With its integrated Bluetooth adapter, it effortlessly syncs height and vertical speed data with your smartphone wirelessly.


Compact yet powerful, this device is a game-changer. Crafted with insights from the renowned One, it boasts advanced vertical speed sensing technology, blending a high-precision pressure sensor with a swift and precise inertial measurement system. Experience unparalleled performance on your paragliding adventures with the MipBipS+.

Experience unrivaled autonomy with the MipBipS+. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and solar cell, this device ensures extended usage. Utilize solar charging between flights or while awaiting takeoff to extend autonomy indefinitely. Additionally, recharge via a convenient micro USB connector is also an option, providing versatility for all your paragliding adventures.

Based on a potent yet power-efficient ESP processor, this model offers unmatched performance.

At the moment MipBipS+ is compatible with:

  • Android- XCSoar, XCTrack, XCguide, LK8000
  • IOS - Flyskyhy

General Info

  • Only 29 grams
  • 72X38X14 mm
  • Suitable for hike-and-fly or backup Variometer
  • Can be paired with a smartphone or tablet to be used as a main flight instrument (Android/IOS compatible)
  • Rechargeable + solar-powered
  • Multiple colours available to fit everyone's style

Variometer/Altimeter Features

  • Height and vertical speed data are shared via Bluetooth and USB connection
  • High-precision BOSH pressure sensor
  • Instant Vario function using accelerometer
  • Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, duty, cycle time to speed relation,...)
  • Sound configuration using a web interface


  • USB Type C charge and communication port
  • Improved sound with new Murata buzzer with sound levels up to 90 dB
  • Improved hardware (new MCU and Accelerometer).
  • Improved solar panel resilience with a 1.6mm composite support
  • Charge status indicator
  • Improved button ergonomics based on pilot feedback for gloved use.
  • Included lanyards and Velcro black or white based on case color.

Available in 2 colour schemes (White-Orange or Black-Red)

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