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Paragliding Instrument

With the right equipment, you can enjoy longer flights, improve your climbs and glides and make better-informed flight decisions. An example of a must-have paragliding instrument is a variometer — also known as a paragliding vario. A paragliding variometer shows your climb and descent rates while you're flying, which is always useful information for pilots. 

At Fly2Base, we have a wide range of some of the best variometers for paragliding in Australia. With top brands at affordable prices, you’re bound to find the perfect paragliding vario in our range online. 

Different kinds of paragliding variometers

There are two main types of varios — the alti-vario and the alti-vario GPS combo. The right choice for you depends on the kind of information that you’d like to know about your flights. One step above regular varios, alti-varios show your climb and descent rates as well as altitude pressure calculations. Paragliding GPS varios, on the other hand, provide everything that a regular vario does as well as determine where you are at all times during your flight. Certain GPS vario devices can even calculate wind direction, to help you locate the best places to lift and places to avoid. 

Our range of paragliding variometers

From straightforward varios to advanced flight planning instruments, our range of paragliding flight instruments has something for every pilot. For example, we have sensitive lag-free varios with built-in accelerometers, compasses, GPS systems, Bluetooth and more.

And for those looking for something more simple, we also stock SkyDrop varios — the lightest variometer in the world. Suitable for paragliding and hang-gliding, these varios can be easily mounted to the riser or cockpit for maximum comfort during your flight. Whatever you’re after, you can be sure to find it in our range online. 

Find the best varios for paragliding today

Browse our extensive range of paragliding variometers and other paragliding accessories online today and enjoy some of the world’s leading paragliding products at competitive prices. Whether you’re after a paragliding GPS vario or an alti-vario, our team at Fly2Base will gladly help you find the perfect one for you in our range.