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Tec-Team Quicky Accelerator Separation System (Pair)


  • $239.00 AUD

The most sophisticated foot accelerator separation system.

QUICKY is the revolutionary high-end separation system, made in Austria. The system is very small and simple to use. It is ideal for use as a separation system for the foot accelerator (speed-bar). Installation only requires both Brummel hooks to be removed and replaced with the Quicky.

The QUICKY speedbar release system works automatically when the quick-outs carabiners are released. Alternatively, this new system also offers new possibilities when used with conventional carabiners. With a little practise, the risers can be easily disconnected from the carabiners after a parachute deployment or a water landing. The red cord, which is fastened to the harness, automatically releases the ball lock mechanism in the QUICKY. The advantage of this system is a robust and trouble-free mechanism that is small in size and easy to operate.

Conventional solutions are based on the quick-out Brummel hooks, secured either with a pin or a small release shackle, which are fitted to the speedbar line. The Quicky is more elegant, user-friendly and is approximately the same size as conventional Brummel hook connections. QUICKY can additionally be used for attaching other equipment like a cameras or go-pro.


  • Easy handling
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated swivel

Weight: 14 g
Dimensions: 13.5 x 44 mm
Release force: 10 N

Delivery contents: Two Quickys, incl. lines to fit them to the harness, operating instructions, packaged in a elegant aluminium tin.

* The price is for a pair (2 units).

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