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BF Reserve Ultra Light (Square)


  • $960.00 AUD

BogdanFly reserves are simple, lightweight, reliable rescue parachutes for the safety of your airborne missions. Very fast opening thanks to the optimised number of sections and lines.



  • Fabric - UUT rescue fabric 25 g/m
  • Lines - Liros Dyneema rescue lime 1.3; 3.2 mm;Edelrid HDPE cord 0.7mm.
  • Riser - Liros dyneema D-pro 5mm


Technical Specification

Size 23


    Size 29

    • Certified Max Load 110 kg
    • Weight 1.14 kg
    • Sink Rate at Max Load 5.2 m/s




    *WEIGHT may vary +-5% due to different batches of fabric.

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