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Reserve Repack Kit Rubber Bands (2N + 10W)

Reserve Repack Kit Rubber Bands (2N + 10W)


  • $2.50 AUD

Reserve Repack Kit Rubber Bands contains 2 natural rubber bands for your container and 10 white elastic rubber bands for the reserve lines.


These are premium, long-lasting rubber bands used by reserve manufacturers, professional paragliding service centres and skydiving riggers to repack reserve parachutes.


Use white and black for the liner and natural colours for reserve bag loops.  



  • 15 x 1.8 mm White
  • 26 x 3.8 mm Natural



  • Is it ok to use an ordinary upper band that I can buy at the post office or office supply shop?
  • They will do the job, but they don't last as long. They perish within 12-18 months or sooner if the harnes is left in a hot car or in a hot environment. We have seen them melt and bond with the lines if they are not replaced regularly. If you use them, keep an eye on them and check them 2-3 times per year.

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