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New Lines for PHI Paragliders

New Lines for PHI Paragliders


  • $108.00

We have to order these lines from the factory delivery time is 4-8 weeks.

You can order a variety of new line sets for your PHI paraglider for the margin of the cost of ordering a bundle of individually made lines.

In many cases, it is more economical to buy the complete new mainline set once you need more than 4-5 new lines. The individual line will cost $24-$29 plus postage whereas the line set of all the main lines will only cost $90-$110 dollars.


Let us know in the notes the model and size of your glider. For example "Maestro 21". 

There are three cascades in your line set.

  • Mainlines - Lines in the bottom cascade, connected to your risers.
  • Midlines - Lines in the second (middle cascade) connecting the mainline and top lines.
  • Toplines - Lines in the top cascade, connected to the canopy (glider).
  • Brake Lines - All cascades of brake lines, all brake lines from the brake handle all the up to the glider
  • Complete Line Set - All of the above-listed lines

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