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New Lines for PHI Paragliders

New Lines for PHI Paragliders


  • $160.00 AUD

We need to place an order for these lines from the factory, and the delivery time to our location is 8-12 weeks.

You can order various new line sets for your PHI paraglider for the margin of the cost of ordering a bundle of individually made lines.


In many instances, it's more cost-effective to purchase the complete new mainline set when you require more than 4-5 new lines. Individually, each line will cost between $28 and $35 plus postage, whereas the complete line set, including all main lines, will only cost considerably less.


Let us know in the notes the model and size of your glider. For example "Maestro 2 21". 


There are the options

  • Main Lines - Lines in the bottom cascade, connected to the risers.
  • Mid Lines - Lines in the second (middle cascade) connect the mainline and top lines.
  • Top Lines - Lines in the top cascade, connected to the canopy (glider).
  • Main Brake Lines - Lines in the bottom cascade, connected to the brake handles
  • Complete Line Set - All of the above-listed lines
  • Complete Brake Line Set  All cascades of brake lines, all brake lines from the brake handle all the up to the glider

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