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Paragliding Service

We are the certified NOVA, BGD and PHI Service Centre. We are recognised as a Paragliding Service Centre by all the main paragliding manufacturers. We use up to date calibrated service instruments. In our pursuit of excellence, we have personally met and are in touch with all the major manufacturers to stay up to date and to provide the service that meets the manufacturer's specifications and expectations.

You can book the service here

Cost of Paragliding Service

  • Full Service $280
  • Line Trim Tuning $190
  • Pre-Sale Inspection $120
  • Reserve Repack - Rounded $70
  • Reserve Repack - Square $80
  • Reserve Repack - Beamer $90
  • Porosity Test $60
  • Fabric Degradation Test $30

Additional Cost

  • Return Postage - $40 Glider
  • Return Postage - $45 Harness with reserve
  • Return Postage - $20 Reserve
  • Harness Fitting - $20


If you prefer us to install your repacked reserve into your harness we are more than happy to do it for you, please add an extra $20 to cover the reserve removal and installation after repack.

* Free First Line Trim Tuning Service is for new gliders purchased directly from Fly2Base. Service must be booked within 12 months of purchasing the new glider.