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BGD Link Passenger (Tandem Passenger)


  • $1,470.00 AUD

BGD Link Passenger the Tandem Paragliding Harness

One Size Fits All

  • Passenger 150-190 cm



  • Comfort Handles 
  • Velcro Skid Guard
  • Easy Tilt Seat


The LINK series is a light and comfortable tandem harness set up for professional and leisure flying. They have thick 17.5cm impact-absorbing foam protectors, lightweight honeycomb seat boards, comfort handles, an instrument mount, and an easy tilting seat board.



 BGD Link Passenger Tandem Paragliding Harness 

The LINK PILOT and LINK PASSENGER are lightweight, robust, comfortable, and safe harnesses for professional and recreational tandem pilots who want the best equipment for their tandem setup. Designed to fit seamlessly together the LINK series have vibrant matching colours, innovative features, and essential standardisations.

Tandem paragliding provides different things for different people, but one thing that’s constant is, it’s always about sharing an experience. Professional tandem pilots have the honour of giving lots of different people their first-ever taste of gravity-defying liberty; the first time their feet have ever swung free in the air and soared above the landscape. For others, it’s a regular partnership. A parent and offspring, couple or friends, sharing adventures for the umpteenth time.

Every pilot wants their passenger to revel in the awesomeness of the flight. Whatever their shape or size, whether they are nervous or excited or just plain blown away with it all, what they must be is comfortable and secure. The LINK harness series are designed as a pair to fulfil the needs of both pilot and passenger. It’s a shared thing. The LINK series is thought-through and loaded with features to make all your tandem flights comfortable, safe, and fun.


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