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SkyBean SkyDrop Battery Kit


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Gain maximum flying hours with the SkyDrop Double Battery Kit for SkyDrop. Turn your vario into a powerful machine for long-flight adventures. The weight of SkyDrop with double battery is only 88g.

Kit includes
Double Li-Poly single cell 1800 mAh battery (USB rechargeable)
Enlarged rear cover kit

Battery Life
only audio mode 26h
audio + Altitude logger, without GPS 24h
audio + Bluetooth 20h
audio + GPS logger 18h
audio + GPS logger + Bluetooth 15h

How to exchange batteries?
Disassemble SkyDrop and remove the battery by disconnecting the connector using your nail, not by pulling the cable. The battery is glued to the PCB by a powerful adhesive, so it cannot be pulled out because it will (for sure!) destroy the device. Instead of pulling, the battery must be rotated around the Z axis (normal to PCB). Connect the double battery to the PCB, then place the battery into the enlarged rear cover (the same way as the old battery) and put SkyDrop back together. 

Follow these steps

  • Remove two screws from the bottom side of the vario using a PZ1 screwdriver and remove the bottom cover. Remove the colour rubber ring for better manipulation.
  • Unplug the battery connector using a nail, don't pull the cable.
  • The battery is glued to the mainboard (PCB) by very strong adhesive, so it cannot be pulled out because it will (for sure!) destroy the SD cardholder. The battery must be rotated around an axis normal to the PCB, which will produce shear stress to the adhesive and PCB components, which will break the adhesive but not the PCB.
  • Put the new battery same way and on the same place, the footprint has both batteries the same, the only thickness is different. Correct placement is symmetric between two pillions for screws.
  • Connect the new battery to PCB, pushing its connector to PCB.
  • Place rubber ring by raised collar facing to PCB.
  • Place new back cover, the first arrange USB connector into its hole, then clap the opposite side.
  • Put screws back or use new ones, if they are worn. Use the PZ1 tool for best results.

How to install a double battery kit 
In this video, you can see how to correctly upgrade your standard SkyDrop vario with double battery. Please watch this video before upgrading your standard SkyDrop with the double battery kit. The most important part is to remove the current battery without damaging the SD card holder. You must TWIST, NOT PULL, the battery from the board (PCB); please be gentle. 

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