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Syride SYS Evolution

Syride SYS Evolution


  • $949.00 AUD

SYRIDE SYS'Evolution is a NEW revolutionary Flight computer. SYRIDE is a French company that designs and produces innovative flying instruments.

The NEW SYS’Evolution is a flying instrument equipped with a 6-inch E-ink screen. Its resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with 16 levels of grey gives incredible images and possibilities. The SYS’Evolution uses the 3rd generation of E-ink screen, called « CARTA ». It’s a new kind of E-ink screen which has 50% increased contrast and 20% reduced reflections compared to the previous generations. It has the best contrast ratio ever we can find on this kind of screen while keeping power consumption at a very low level. While flying, you read information like they were written on paper!

Last Generation GPS Chip has been used with SYS'Evolution, the U-blox M8 multi-GNSS! In addition to an increased position precision (2m) and reduced power consumption, this GPS chip is able to synchronize up to 72 channels.

Complete connectivity, the SYS'Evolution is capable of connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Here is what it can download or upload (user-customisable): “AssistNow” feature of U-Blox GPS chip, Real-time weather forecast from available weather providers, Automatic flight upload to your online flight book on, Flying sites information from Syride database (more than 6000 flying sites over 100 countries), Real-time live tracking through smartphone and Bluetooth, Pre-recorded Safety message with GPS coordinates sent by SMS (through Bluetooth connection to smartphone) All these features are FREE and included with the SYS’Evolution.

A highly sensitive and customisable vario. A good vario comes with a good pressure sensor. Using high-quality sensors with high sensitivity and our expertise in signal processing resulting in a high precision variometer. In addition to rising and falling thresholds and volume, the vario is fully customisable via Syride's vario setup tool.

Optimized volume and weight. There’s not that much place left inside the SYS’Evolution! With a thickness of 1.5cm, the flight computer is very compact. Placed on the cockpit, the SYS’Evolution is by far the lightest flight computer in this category on the market with less than 300gr!



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