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Warranty and Repair

When sending the product to the manufacturer for repair or warranty claim
Put down on the customs declaration that: "The product is damaged, it has been sent for repair and will be returned back to sender once it has been repaired." Declare a low nominal value of the products so you don't have to cover the import tax.

In order to arrange a repair for your SkyBean instrument please obtain a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) by sending an email to SkyBean. Use an email address  Returns will not be accepted without a valid Return Merchandise Authorisation. Returns can be mailed to: SkyBean s.r.o., Stare Grunty 61, 841 04, Bratislava, Slovakia. You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs with regard to the items that you wish to return. We will not refund the shipping costs. You must take care to ensure that the goods are properly packaged so that they will not be damaged while in transit. If the product is found damaged or used beyond what it takes for us to reasonably inspect it, then we may reject a refund. Please declare the value of 10 EUR and write down on the customs declaration that the instrument has been sent for a repair and will be sent back.

Email to arrange the repair.
Postal Address is:
3b Boulevard Carnot Prolongé
51310 Esternay
P: +33 768 306029

Email to arrange the repair.
Postal Address is:
Rua do Mercado, 19 – Entresuelo
32001 Ourense – Spain
P: +34 988 615 747
P: +34 661 345 260