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Airwave Alma


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Airwave Alma is versatile foil-hybrid kite for hydrofoil, snow, surf, twintip, and land kiting.



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Alma, I’ve come here to meet you, between the elements. Inside this perpetual dance between air and water. This fascinating balance that you poise so elegantly fuels our chemistry. The pulse of passion that leads me in this endless choreography. You are with me, in the frenzy of the chaos, and through my purest moments of plenitude. I am one with you. The subtle push and pull, the blur and bliss of a moment I am after. A palette of emotions. A rhythm that resonates with my evolution. A refined sense of control, that you allow me to access, converts itself into a unique language. I come to realise that I am here to create my lines, with no boundaries. With the confidence that you will adapt to any situation. The art in every movement. The simplicity of our harmony has awakened my curiosity. You are the one Alma, the one that brings me to life.  – Dorian LeBihan


Size Alma


LINEAR SCALING FACTOR 0.59 0.71 0.87 1 1.12 1.23 1.37
PROJECTED AREA (M²) 2.1 3 4.41 5.88 7.35 8.82 11
FLAT AREA (M²) 2.8 4 6 8 10 12 15
GLIDER WEIGHT (KG) 0.7 0.88 1.18 1.42 1.62 1.98 2
CELLS 31/5
FLAT ASPECT RATIO 4.8 4.9 5 5.22 5.22 5.22 5.3
PROJECTED ASPECT RATIO 3.1 3.1 3.2 3.34 3.34 3.34 3.4
ROOT CHORD (M) 0.9 1.1 1.34 1.51 1.69 1.85 2.1
FLAT SPAN (M) 3.7 4.4 5.48 6.46 7.23 7.92 8.9
PROJECTED SPAN (M) 2.5 3.04 3.76 4.43 4.96 5.43 6.1
TWIN TIP WIND RANGE (KNOTS) 28-52 21-41 18-35 15-29 13-26 10-23 7-18
FOIL/LAND WIND RANGE (KNOTS) 22-38 18-31 13-24 11-19 9-16 7-13 4-12



The ALMA is a light, stable and versatile kite for hydro foiling and snow kiting. It’s a new technology design, never seen on a kite before. A monofoil-hybrid, the front half is inflated closed cells, the back is a single surface, and five inflatable spars add structure and rigidity. The ALMA is very light but is made of standard-weight, durable fabrics. It combines the best features of foil and tube kites. It is very easy to re-launch unaided, stays airborne in light breezes and is easy to control and forgiving of positioning errors. Power generation is progressive making for fast and controllable loops. It’s amazing for hydrofoiling, great for twin-tip, and perfect for technical ascents on snow. The ALMA is delivered without a bar. A bar can be ordered from the shop.

Recommended bar size 3, 4, 6, 8 = 50cm, 10, 12, 15 = 60cm



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