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AlfaPilot RS Methacrylate Plexiglass Screen Protector

AlfaPilot RS Methacrylate Plexiglass Screen Protector


  • $13.00

This is an individual AlfaPilot Methacrylate Screen Protector. You will need the AlfaPilot Neoprene Sleeve to attach this screen protector to your instrument.

You can buy the AlfaPilot Neoprene Sleeve individually or as an Alfapilot Neoprene Sleeve with Methacrylate Screen Protector package.

The methacrylate protector for improved protection of the screen. This accessory is compatible with all Alfapilot models.

The screen protector suppresses the touch screen function, the screen protector must be put in place when the instrument is in-flight screen when it can be controlled with the physical buttons.

How to use the Methacrylate Screen Protector

  • Place the Methacrylate Screen Protector protector over the screen when the SeRi Fly flight screen is on before the takeoff
  • During the flight, the zoom, access the flight manager can be modified using the physical buttons
  • After landing, remove the screen protector if necessary


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