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BGD Cure 2 (EN C)


  • $6,700.00 AUD

Certification: EN/LTF C

BGD CURE 2 is a fast and accessible EN-C paraglider with a top speed of 60 km/h. This means it has a full 20km/h of acceleration on the speed bar (the ‘delta’) from trim to full bar. This is almost double what you would find on a typical paraglider where 10-12 km/h is more typical. The structure and the profile of CURE 2 are closer to the CCC Diva than the original Cure. The CURE 1 had 60 cells as the CURE 2 has 74 cells. The internal structure is massively more complex. The latest generation of the lighter and durable cloth is used in 90% of the wing. 






BGD CURE 2 heal your soul.  Soar to new levels of performance: embrace your passion, heal your soul! CURE 2 offers great new technology advancements in glider design and glider manufacturing.

BGD has completely redesigned the original CURE to increase performance without increasing demand on the pilot. CURE 2 has a new more complex internal structure and the profile that is closer to their CCC Diva. The cell count has been increased to 74 cells. The projected aspect ratio is the same as the original CURE with a reduced arc so the flat aspect ratio has been lowered to 6.4. The CURE 2 has an unprecedented top speed of 60km/h in EN C class, yet full-speed asymmetric collapses are incredibly calm. CURE 2 has been designed to be flown fast. The CURE 2 has a new light and efficient B/C steering system to bring the back riser control closer to two-liner glider control.

What did the pilots flying the BGD CURE 2 say?

Yeah, it's an amazing wing mate !!! Flew again today for a few hours. It generates a lot of energy very quickly if you want, super playful but yet rock-solid. Still very early days but I feel I'm going to keep this wing for many years to come. Can turn really flat and efficient if you want or really sharp and direct and holds so much energy it's amazing. As playful as my miniwing. Bloody perfect.

Speed is unbelievable. We were flying crosswind and I’ve never seen the ground going past that fast.

The Big Ears work very well. The best I have used since flying an en-A wing.

Thanks for the test fly of the Cure2. Its a keeper! I am very happy with the Cure2 and look forward to some rowdy air. The Cure2 just feels so solid and I think there is plenty of speed to push the headwind task required here at Spring Hill. It is a dream to top land even in some of the strong conditions we have to negotiate at times. Definitely one of the best looking gliders in the sky.

Having flown the Cure 2 in strong thermic conditions with a fair amount of wind, I would say that it is very solid with regards to turbulence, even on full bar. The confidence that the glider gives while accelerated must be respected and one should be careful not to over-relax. As such, while it is fully accelerated pilots must be most attentive to flying actively and be ready at any time to act using C's risers and/or the accelerator to control the pitch of the glider - especially due of the high speeds that CURE 2 can achieve - BGD Test Pilot

Beautiful BGD Cure 2. I was surprised by how accessible it was. Sharp handling and very confidence-inspiring on the bar. 80km/hr groundspeed on the full bar (60km/hr airspeed). Definitely, a wing to check out if you're in the market for a C wing. - Hammed

For many pilots flying enables them to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and get closer to nature. Flying is a form of meditation that can help heal you, and we have completely reformulated the CURE 2 to increase performance without increasing pilot stress. It has a brand new structure and a profile that’s closer to the Diva. We’ve upped the cell count to 74, and kept the same projected aspect ratio but reduced the arc, which means the flat aspect ratio is lowered to 6.4. The CURE 2 has an impressive top speed of 60km/h, yet full-speed asymmetric collapses are incredibly calm. Designed to be flown fast, CURE 2 has a new light and efficient B/C steering system too. We’ve kept the weight down by using Skytex 27 and 32 cloth, with Skytex 38 on the top-surface leading edge for durability. When you fly the CURE 2 you will soar high to new levels of performance.

BGD Cure 2 Specifications, Bruce Goldsmith Paragliding

CURE 2 is for pilots searching for high performance and low stress. It’s fast on glide with excellent stability in wind and turbulence. Its high cell count and moderate aspect ratio work together to assure excellent performance for its class and great accessibility.

At BGD we believe in Progressive Stability. Our new simulation program enabled us to tune the span-wise tensions of the CURE 2 in order to achieve the perfect balance between structural rigidity and the wing’s ability to communicate to the pilot about what is happening in the air. This understanding of the air empowers pilots to fly appropriately for the conditions. Of course, the CURE 2 has good inherent stability too. We opted to use full chord plastics in the central area of the wing to give it good structural stability, but towards the tips, the plastic is in the leading edge only. This reduces tip cravats, enhancing safety. 


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Q: Can I pack my BGD CURE 2 in the BGD compress bag?
A:  Yes the Cure2 has a lot more plastics in it than the Lynx and they are also more rigid plastics. CURE 2 can be packed in a compressed bag OK, but I would not recommend permanent storage in a compressed bag. Bruce


You have to have the training and a licence to fly a paraglider. Check with your instructor if you are buying your first glider.

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