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Bullet Speed Bar

Bullet Speedbar

  • $135.00 AUD


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The Bullet Speedbar was born from a passion for cross country flying and paragliding competitions. This new revolutionary asymmetrical spedbar system offers comfortable, fast and accurate use of your speed bar. Your speedbar will always engage symmetrically, it will be easy to find and easy to use. You can just think about the air, without distractions from having to move your feet sideways. The bullet speed bar was the missing link to the absolute speed bar accessibility. You will never return to traditional speedbar systems!


Read the Bullet Speedbar Review from Cross Country Magazine.



    Kari Ellis (XC, Comps, Australian Team, PWC pilot, Harness: Ozone Exoceat, CCC glider)
    Hi Martin, I have had my first XC flight with the Bullet speed bar. As you know I am flying it on my Exocet with my Enzo3. I’m really happy with it. It’s really easy to find each step in the pod, without getting in the way. And it adds extra stability on the bar because it’s so easy to push it on and then maintain acceleration symmetrically. No more need for constant readjustments if you get your foot in the wrong place on the bar or fighting to keep the glider straight. Thanks again

    Owain Williams  (Hike and Fly, Harness: Neo Stay, EN B glider)
    Flew with the bullet speedbar today. I think I got it set up perfect! It worked very well, much preferred it to the other speedbar. Thanks!

    Jason Locke (Weekend Warrior, Harness: Kortel Kuik II Kocon, EN B glider)
    Finally got some decent weather to fly and adjust the bullet speedbar. I got my pod set up correctly now and it's great, the speedbar is amazing. The first step is a no brainer allowing easy accelerated flight on full bar my mentor was pushing 53kph on a slight crosswind (coastal) and it felt solid, stayed on full bar for nearly 5 minutes making the 7km run back to launch and it was amazingly comfortable, being able to modulate between first and second step easily made for great flying to maximize lift as well! 10/10 recommend. Super light to push and hold as well. Not to mention, it made zooming around and overtaking other gliders super easy as the mentor's glide ratio is already amazing.



    • 3 steps revolutionary, "ergonomic" speed bar
    • Compatible with almost all cocoon harness types on the market
    • Solid, "Competition resistant" structure
    • 126 - 240 grams (total weight)
    • 200 g is the average weight of three steps speedbars on market
    • Thick foot support (long flights comfort)
    • Smart elastics geometry (easy steps grab)
    • Light and strong "truss" structure (no need for any metal part)
    • Wide, comfortable shape
    • No tilt socket (improved comfort)
    • Precise one-foot shape (symmetry at any speed)
    • Adjustable and invertible steps
    • Up to 6.5mm lines compatible
    • Universal harness mounting with footplate clips


    The package includes all you need to trash your old speed bar

    • 1 x Speedbar for cocoon harness (3 adjustable steps)
    • 2 x Ropes (4 mm diameter)
    • 2 x Easily adjustable hooks
    • 2 x Footplate clips



      • 3rd step width 23 cm
      • A good balance between compactness, comfort and weight!
      • The most durable version bullet speed bar
      • Easy to find and engage the 3rd step
      • The original, best-selling bullet speed bar
      • Slightly deeper design so your claves won't catch on the 3rd step
      • The perfect balance between compactness, comfort and... weight!
      • Total Weight: 180 g (0,40 lb)


      • 3rd step width 20 cm
      • Light and small shape model
      • Suitable for pilots with a smaller foot
      • Suitable for harnesses with narrow leg cover
      • Works well with a harness with a delicate leg cover
      • Very accurate response
      • Improved feedback and symmetry on the third step
      • Total Weight: 149 g (0,33 lb)


        • 3rd step width 32 cm
        • Specially designed for pilots with larger calves and large foot
        • Best comfort for all pilots
        • Total Weight: 240 g (0,53 lb)


        The comfort of an adjustable 3 steps speed bar designed around your legs, with mechanics compatible with human physiology.

        We intentionally stressed materials and assembly of the product in the hardest real conditions: long cross-country flights and high-level competitions.

        Using it's as easy as walking! Just push the steps in line with your legs! The result is a perfect, symmetrical action on the two riser's speed systems.

        Like on a sequential transmission, you can switch the steps at an impressive speed.
        So easy to go fast! Use it responsibly ;)

        WELL MADE
        High-quality manufactured with digital design and CNC (computer numerical control) cutting/routing operations. The rigid parts are all finished with round edges to take care of your legs and your harness!

        You can mount it inside each cocoon harness available on the market. It just requires the two common loops on the footplate sides (tie the elastics ropes).




        • MARCO BUSETTA - Creator, Test Pilot
        • AARON DUROGATI - Test Pilot
        • NICOLA DONINI - Test Pilot
        • LUCA DONINI - Test Pilot
        • FELIX RODRIGUEZ - Test Pilot
        • MARCO LITTAME' - Test Pilot
        • OACHIM OBERHAUSER - Test Pilot
        • NICOLE FEDELE - Test Pilot
        • KLAUDIA BULGAKOW - Test Pilot



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