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Charly Brummel Hook

Charly Brummel Hook

Finsterwalder & Charly

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The price for a single item, please order two for a pair.

Charly Brummel Hooks are commonly used in sailing. Finsterwalder's SPEED SYSTEM HOOKS are manufactured according to the same principle and have been developed especially for paragliding. They serve as a connection between the speed system that is attached to the harness and the glider and are hence also called speed system hooks. Nearly all paraglider manufacturers use Finstewalder's SPEED SYSTEM HOOKS.

Although Brummel hooks made from Titanal are lighter than those made of stainless steel, they also have a breaking strength of more than 230 kg. Hooks made from conventional aluminium alloys often do not exhibit a sufficiently high breaking strength.

Material Breaking Load Weight
Stainless Steel 230 kg 5.2 g
 Titanal 230 kg 2.1 g


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