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Charly Front Container Cockpit - Front Mount Rescue Container

Finsterwalder & Charly

  • $145.00 AUD

Charly Front container Cockpit for the rescue system with detachable instrument compartment

The Charly FRONTCONTAINER COCKPIT for rescue system with detachable instrument compartment for flight instruments and other stuff like mobile phone, purse, adjustable fixing with line connector and snap-fits. The instruments are well protected during the flight and transportation. The instrument compartment can be easily attached in a slightly inclined position so that an optimal perspective on the instruments is guaranteed. The upper part of the Charly FRONTCONTAINER COCKPIT with the valuables can be separated after the flight with a zipper and can be stored separately while the lower part can stay with the rescue system and the harness.
Fitting for all types of harnesses.

The Charly FRONTCONTAINER COCKPIT available in different sizes

  • Size M suitable e.g. for SECOND CHANCE 86, SECOND CHANCE 94, DIAMOND CROSS 100
    Size L suitable e.g. for SECOND CHANCE 118, DIAMOND CROSS 100, DIAMOND CROSS 125
    Size XL suitable e.g. for DIAMOND CROSS 160
  • Pictured instruments not included in the delivery.

General information about Charly's rescue system containers
Charly‘s rescue system containers allow for deployment in all directions and feature a window for an easy check of the fastening pin‘s correct position.
The integrated Charly loop tensioner system provides for constant release force of the fastening pin, independent of the rescue system‘s packing pressure. The otherwise prescribed securing of the fastening pin by means of a predetermined breaking point becomes unnecessary. The use of a loop tensioner is recommended by the DHV to reduce the risk of unintentional deployments. Moreover, it allows for hassle-free test deployments that are strongly suggested for training purposes.


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