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Charly DIAMOND Cross Delta Light HG (Non-Steerable Square)

Charly DIAMOND Cross Delta Light HG (Non-Steerable Square)

Finsterwalder & Charly

  • $1,590.00 AUD

Charly Charly DIAMOND Cross Delta Light HG is a light square reserve for hang gliding.

Packing Instructions


The safety innovation for rescue systems.

Tom Grabner's incredibly lightweight and compact DIAMONDcross rescue systems are now also available for hang gliders.

Overview of the DIAMONDcross delta light's most important features

  • Reduced weight and pack size by the use of high-strength lightweight fabric and Dyneema lines
  • Extremely low sink rates through sideways drifting of the cruciform canopy in diagonal direction and pendulum stability of the canopy
  • Fast opening through fanned out canopy base
  • Novel inner container for easier deployment and minimised risk of the lines becoming tangled upon release

Available with sewn-in Finsterwalder ROTOR.

In emergency situations, hang gliders and microlights tend to start rotating which can cause the reserve to tangle. This is avoided by the Finsterwalder ROTOR. We recommend the ROTOR be sewn into the main bridle at the ends of the suspension lines by the rescue system manufacturer. This can be done at the next packing inspection. Equipped with loops, the Finsterwalder ROTOR can also be installed by the pilot himself.

  • Runs on 3 sets of bearings
  • Tested breaking load of 5.000 kg at a weight of only 120 g
  • DHV certified for all HG and UL chutes when installed by the manufacturer


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