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Easy Quick Tow Bridle Standard

Easy Quick

  • $169.00 AUD

Easy Quick Tow Bridle Standard the Paragliding Tow Release System
  • Certified LTF NFL II 91/09 DHV 06-0043-15
  • Reliable release with sliding sleeve
  • Easy to handle (even with thick gloves)
  • Adjustable towing-aid to pre-accelerate the wing
  • Clear design reduces the danger of operating errors and tangled lines
  • Low weight 85 g
  • Delivered with the pouch for storage

Easy Quick Tow Bridle Standard is a compact reliable tow bridle that packs in a small bag and automatically retracts after release using the provided rubber band. The design of the Easy Quick Tow Bridle Standard bridle eliminates the potential of being hit in the face with the tow bridle when the soft link brakes.



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