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External Catheter Tubing 1.5 m with adaptor (Hi Flow)

External Catheter Tubing 1.5 m with adaptor (Hi Flow)


  • $9.70 AUD

External Hi-Flow Catheter Tubing

Extension Catheter Tubing with the unique graduated adaptor that will easily and firmly attach to the External Catheter 

  • Length: 1.5 metre




  • Before taking off test the hose and catheter connection by pulling on it to make sure that it is connected firmly and will not discount easily.
  • It might be required to go past the ring at the end of the nozzle with the cathetr or to degrees the hose nozzle to achive a firmer connection betwen the hose and the cathetr.  


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Vinyl tubing for our External Catheter

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