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Gin Bobcat Harness


  • $790.00 AUD

Gin Bobcat is a universal harness used for speedflying, mini wing flying, dune gooning, used a tandem passenger harness. 

What makes the bobcat such an amazing all rounder is the comfortable design, one size fits all and back protector tat extends from he bottom all the way up to the spine. This harness is a great option for those that will appreciate a back protector in lite compact harness. 


Weight of harness: 1.6kg

Sizes: One size


Independent thigh loops without seat plate. Shoulder straps slide through the front cross straps for more precise piloting.



  • Safe T-bar
  • Side trimming adjustments
  • Light automatic buckles
  • Integrated 8 cm back protection
  • GIN Automatic carabiners included (30mm Zicral self-locking 'biners)

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